Somehow, a small piece of me started to become actually jealous of all these ladies with babies popping up in my social medias. Whenever I was stressed out, I would see posts about how happy they were. When I was feeling down? I would see status updates referencing their babies’ socks, which we all know are the most adorable parts about dressing a baby. When I was eating ice cream by the pint and thinking about how I’m going to die alone, they would post pictures of their babies. Babies that ensure they will not die alone. Babies that ensure someone will visit them in the old folks’ home. “Who is going to visit me in the old folks’ home?!” I would cry loudly, ice cream falling out of my maw and onto my keyboard. “Not Half Baked or Phish Food!

What To Expect When Your Facebook Friend is Expecting

I do not feel this way. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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Yeah.  I like sleeping in and not having my stuff ruined.  

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